Thank you for clicking our ad and checking us out. We're Rattrap Productions and we'll be demoing our games Lost World Lunch and Nab 'Em at PAX Unplugged. We held a successful kickstarter for Lost World Lunch, which is a quick and easy set collection game of dinosaurs turning the tables on those pesky Lost World hunters. Nab 'Em is bit like the simple card game War but with some unique twists. It plays fast and is all about trying to nab more of the villains than your opponents.

We'll have copies of Lost World Lunch for sale and we should also have some sample copies of Nab 'Em available for reviewers (email us in advance if you are interested) and maybe even a few leftover copies that we will offer for sale before we go to Kickstarter in early 2018. You can follow all the happenings in The Bullpen, on Facebook (rattrapproductions), Instagram (@rattrap1), or Twitter (@45adventure).




Visit us at Booth #108


We are also sharing booth space with ResNova Games who will be showing off their upcoming card game Dungeon Slayer.

Dungeon Slayer is a cooperative card game of tactical dungeon delving currently in development by Res Nova Games and to be Kickstarted in 2018.  Please follow us on Twitter (@ResNovaGames) or Facebook (@ResNovaGames) for more information and updates.