Not All Blood Runs Red (DEMO Rules)
Rattrap Productions

Not All Blood Runs Red (DEMO Rules)

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This is the free download of the demo rules for Not All Blood Runs Red. There is enough in here to allow you to test drive the rules and see if they fit what you are looking to play.

Not All Blood Runs Red is a set of Alternate World War 1 rules. In this world, portals between our plane and alternate planes have been opened allowing creatures from myth and fable to crossover and join the battles of the Great War. But other planes have also taken notice—planes of unspeakable horror. And they hate life and order. They seek to destroy our world and add it to their own darkness.

  • The rules are highly character/creature driven, with units acting as support for them. Each player controls a small force with secret objectives. Players battle each other and the eldritch horrors that wold destroy them both.
  • Characters and units can be customized with add-on cards.
  • Battle Casters are needed by all players to fling magic about the battlefield and to close portals and stop the flood of darkness.
  • Fog of War cards provide unexpected advantages or drop horrifying creatures onto the battlefield.

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