Welcome to the Rattrap Productions Hideout

Rattrap Productions is a game company whose products are designed to be, first and foremost, fun. If we don’t want to play these games every day, then back into the idea mill they go. 

Our first game was a miniatures game, .45 Adventure: Thrilling Action in the Pulp Era, back in 2005. It was designed to evoke the genre of the golden age of pulp magazines. From masked heroes and courageous explorers to hooded villains and dangerous madmen, the pulp genre is filled with colorful characters battling it out in gritty cities and exotic locations. We expanded on these to include fantasy, science fiction, and swashbuckling.

We have also added card games to our list of products. The first one out is Lost World Lunch. This is a quick 30 minute card game for 3-6 players where you play the dinosaurs, tired of becoming trophies for well-off Victorian adventurers, so you turn the tables on them and seek to make them the trophies. The mechanics are simple and the “special” cards keep the game interesting as dinosaurs attempt to steal victory from each other.

You can find us on Facebook or on Twitter at @45adventure where I am sure to post the latest goings-on.

Along with our own games, we have partnered with Brigade Games to produce some larger scale historical and skirmish games under the Sinister Laboratories imprint.

To find out the latest on what is going on, be sure to check out The Bullpen. In “pulp speak” the bullpen was how publishers referred to their staff writers. Here we put all the latest happenings.